Vegetable and Fruit Chiller

There are three kinds of common vegetable and fruit refrigerators: island cabinet, vertical freezer and air curtain cabinet. Island cabinet is also a horizontal freezer. It has an open design and no shelf. The advantage of island freezer is energy saving, easy to move and no space. It is an ideal fruit display freezer. Because the island cabinet is relatively low, it does not affect the visual environment in the store. Vertical freezer is our common glass door freezer, which is characterized by beautiful appearance, energy saving and power saving. The air curtain cabinet is a commonly used fruit and vegetable display cabinet. The open design of the air curtain cabinet has no door and is convenient for distribution. The wind curtain cabinet provides excellent shopping experience, which is convenient for distribution and consumers to buy.

Open Chiller

VFM-T Open Chiller

VFM-T Display Open Chiller - Classic Multidecks Chiller Product Introduction Multideck open chiller is Split-body design,equipped with Emerson Copeland or ...
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Open Display Refrigerator

VFM Open Display Refrigerator

VFM Open Display Refrigerator - Luxury Multidecks Chiller Product Introduction Open Display Refrigerator is compact design ,equipped with Emerson Copeland ...
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