Overseas Assembly Service

In order to respond to import restrictions, high tariff and freight charges, we can supply assembling operations overseas .
Freezers and chillers mostly combined with compressors, foaming boards, evaporators, condensers, LED lighting, copper tubes, thermostats, fan , switches, universal wheel, etc.
In international assembly, we export components, parts or machinery and assembles these parts at a site in a foreign country.

Overseas Assembly Service 01

Overseas Assembly Service 02

In the cold chain equipment industry, the equivalent of assembly is known as mixing wherein imported ingredients are used at the firm’s overseas facilities.

Assembling is often used to overcome the import restrictions in target countries. We begin assembling all around the world mainly to deal with import barriers.

Our team will achieve design, cutting, bending, assembly , foaming, installation, testing and packing. We will get our production ready in factory , then divide the freezer into different main parts to make sure it is easy to be recombined. To save a large amount of sea freight, we can deliver 5 times of products in one same container . The engineer and some technical workers will fly to market country to support our local team, we assemble the major components again .

Overseas Assembly Service 05

In the market country, we cooperate with the local team to re-assemble the display freezers in the local workshop. We just need some simple tools during our re-assembling. The working duration will be very short.

Our rich experience of engineering and management could be stable and strong backup for our overseas assembling program.

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