VFM-T Display Open Chiller Classic Multidecks Chiller


Product Introduction

Multideck open chiller is Split-body design,equipped with Emerson Copeland or Panasonic compressor unit.
The body of display chiller is made of black titanium and stainless steel. supermarket open chiller with opening front door can display fresh fruits or vegetables. To fresh vegetables,our front open showcase chiller can be designed with atomizing humidifier. Waterproof LED lighting tubes are installed under each layer of open cooler. Our designers apply reinforced universal wheel in open display cooler.

Product type VFM-T Temperature: Single temperature
Model No. FMGB-2.0 Compressor SECOP/Panasonic/Donper
Brand ICE FOREST Cooling type air cooling
Certification CE, RoHS, CCC, ISO, SGS Evaporator Copper Tube
Place of Origin China Refrigerant R404a
HS code 8418500000 Fan Brand EBM

Applicable usage: Super Market, Shopping mall, Convenience store, etc. Suitable for cooling fruit, Vegetables, Milk, Beverages, etc.

Open display chiller is suitable to keep fresh of fruit, vegetables and to cool down milk and beverages etc.

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Product parameters

Model FMGB-2.0 FMGB-2.5 FMGB-3.0 FMGB-4.0
Dimension(mm)(L*W*H) 2000*900*2000mm 2500*900*2000mm 3000*900*2000mm 4000*900*2000mm
Temperature range 2-8℃ 2-8℃ 2-8℃ 2-8℃
Refrigeration type air cooling air cooling air cooling air cooling
Compressor SECOP
(European brand)
(European brand)
(European brand)
(European brand)
Refrigerant R404a R404a R404a R404a
Evaporator Copper Tube Copper Tube Copper Tube Copper Tube
Fan brand  EBM
(European brand)
(European brand)
(European brand)
(European brand)
Foot universal wheel universal wheel universal wheel universal wheel
Thermostat controller Digital Digital Digital Digital
Glass Tempered glass Tempered glass Tempered glass Tempered glass
Thickness of panel(mm) 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Voltage 220V 50~60HZ 220V 50~60HZ 220V 50~60HZ 220V 50~60HZ


Product features

  • Panasonic Compressor, fast cooling, stable running, energy saving.
  • Intelligent temperature controller, accurate digital temperature display, automatic shutdown and starting up.
  • Pure copper evaporator, excellent heat exchange, fast cooling, energy saving and environmentally friendly.
  • The back panel, bottom panel and side panel are all made of polyurethane high-density foaming, which has good insulation effect.
  • 4 layers of laminates can be combined freely, the height and angle of the laminates can be adjusted freely for excellent display effect.
  • Waterproof LED lamp tube exclusive for freezer , magnetic lamp card, safe and convenient.
  • Reinforced universal wheel, durable and flexible.
  • Standard concealed night curtain for non-business hours, good insulation effect and energy saving.
  • Exclusive high-end customization. Color, style and size are all available to choose.


Product Story

Our multideck open chiller is common refrigeration equipment used in supermarket or convenience store, which can greatly attracts client’s interest and attention for the fresh fruit, vegetable or dairy products.
Our multideck open chiller has been delivered to many distributors in Philippine.Among our domestic clients,Dennies supermarket is a famous chinese chain supermarkets providing customer with a healthy lifestyle, noble and elegant environment and excellent quality of service. After their purchase team visited our factory and workshop, they ordered 60 sets of open chillers for their different branch shops in different cities. Our open chillers are used to display their different varieties of imported goods, organic vegetables, food and wine from all over the world and all natural fresh products. We welcome all supermarkets visit our factory and looking forward win win cooperation.

Classic Multidecks Chiller Display -1

Classic Multidecks Chiller Display -2

Classic Multidecks Chiller Display -3

Classic Multidecks Chiller Display -4

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