Meat Chiller

Meat chillers can keep food and meat fresh and prevent food and meat deterioration. It also provides customers with a convenient way to take it, which is our main product.

  1. Meat chiller helps to reduce the contamination of microbes that are associated with meat products
  2. The quality of meat is improved because it can be frozen or chilled immediately after being slaughtered. which reduces the loss in meatweight
  3. The food safety risk is reduced by decreasing the time between when the product comes from the slaughter house and when it is used in aroduct
  4. The chiller can also be used to thaw frozen products. t does this by slowly increasing from the desired temperature to roomtemperature or until it has been completely thawed improving food safety and reducing contamination of microbes that may cause illness toconsumers
  5. The machine is easy to operate and maintain, which reduces the cost of labor6. The chiller can also help to extend the shelf life of meat products
Meat Refrigerator

H-series Display Hanging Meat Refrigerator

H-series Meat Display Chiller - Display Hanging Meat Cooling Refrigerator Product Introduction A healthy diet begins with keep your food ...
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Direct Cooling Meat Chiller

MDL Series Direct Cooling Meat Chiller

MDL Series Meat Chiller ( Direct cooling ) Aiming to create clean,sanitary,corrosion resistance environment, our products use stainless steel tank and ...
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Food Refrigerator

MDL-A Series Food Refrigerator

MDL-A Series Food Refrigerator - Arc Meat Serve-over Counter (Direct Cooling) Product features This Food Refrigerator can be used for ...
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Air Cooling Meat Chiller

MFH Series Air Cooling Meat Display Chiller

MFH Series Meat Display Chiller - Fresh Meat Serve-over Counter (Air cooling) Product Introduction Meat chiller use Panasonic compressor, copper ...
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Deli Display Freezer

DFH Series Deli Display Freezer

DFH Series Deli Display Freezer - Deli Serve-over Counter (Fan Cooling) Product Introduction Commercial deli food display refrigerator with freezer ...
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Horizontal Chest Freezer

Horizontal Chest Freezer

Horizontal Chest Freezer Product Introduction Horizontal Chest Freezer used for storing quick-frozen balls,sweet soup balls,dumplings,sea food,Ice cream, has high standard ...
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