ice froest Development history

Henan Ice Forest Cold Chain Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional commercial refrigeration manufacturer with a history of more than 20 years. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, design, production and sales of commercial cold chain equipment. We have been leading the industry in quality, energy efficiency and customer service for over  20 years. Our manufacture base covers an area of 8,000 square meters, which has more than 3,000 sets productions capacity of various refrigerated display cabinets annually. There are dozens of professional production equipment in the factory workshop, including automatic coiling and flattening machines, shearing machines, CNC bending machines, CNC punching machines, laser cutting machines, automatic polyurethane foaming machine, high temperature paint room, etc. The workshop has a 4S standard production management system, the following, sheet metal, foaming, assembly, commissioning, each step has strict operating standards and self-test requirements to ensure that every product meets European standards.

  • 1991, Beginning
    Our founder Mr. Eric specialized in the development of refrigeration technology, began to emerge in the domestic refrigeration industry.
  • 2001, Team grow up
    The company’s team continued to expand, the number of employees increased to more than 30 people.
  • 2006, Chinese market
    Our company played a important role in China’s refrigeration market and set up city representative offices in major cities in China.
  • 2019—Present International market
  • In 2019, our company gradually opened up international market business, specialized in serving international customers. Our refrigeration freezer products are exported to Southeast Asia, France, Australia etc.

The Production Series
Our products include Multideck Chiller, Beverage Chiller, Meat Chiller, Deli Chiller, Under Counter Freezer, Ice Cream Display Chiller, Flower Display Chiller, Island Freezer, Ice Maker Machine, Combine Chiller Freezer, Meat Hanging Freezer, Cake Display Chiller which widely used in shopping mall, supermarket, convenience stores, community store, meat and vegetable shop, seafood market, fruit shop, flower shop, etc.

Ice forest factory

Our products are mainly divided into several series:
VFM Open Chiller, VFM-T Open Chiller , VDL-D Beverage Chiller, VFH-D Beverage Chiller, MFH Meat Chiller, DFH Deli Chiller, MDL Meat Chiller, MDL-A Meat Chiller, C-series Under Counter Chiller Freezer, ZL-series Ice Cream Display Chiller, FL-series Ice Cream Display Chiller, F-series Flower Display Chiller, I-series Island Freezer, Combine-series Combined Chiller Freezer, H-series Meat Hanging Freezer, Cake-series Cake Display Chiller, ICE MAKER.
We provide you with the most popular models among our exclusive catalogue. All our products are equipped with advanced technology and special design, featured series make sure you have a novel and unique user experience.

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